Today’s cheerleading is more than pompons! Our all-star and recreational cheerleading classes will build your child’s confidence and character through meaningful friendships and experiences.

At Quantum Athletics, our classes teach athletes motions, techniques, and the fundamental skills of teamwork. All children ages 3 and up are welcome to join, no prior experience necessary!


Recreational Cheer

3-12 Years

Our recreational cheer is offered in session formats with a performance at the end. This is perfect for beginners who love going to a football or basketball game to watch the cheer teams! Students will learn motions, stunts, jumps, sideline cheers, and a short routine.

Novice Cheer

Our newest program, This program is perfect for athletes entering the world of competitive cheerleading! We’ll compete at three local events. Novice athletes are scored against their previous scores, so there is always an incentive to improve! We’ll teach a 1 minute, 30 second routine with *stunts, jumps, *pyramid, dance, and tumbling. (*Tiny Novice athletes will learn flying positions and simulate stunts.)

All Star Cheer

Our All-Star Program is one of the most exciting in our gym. We’re currently in our 5th season. All-Star Cheerleading offers a unique opportunity to learn stunting, jumps, dance, and tumbling, and perform all skills in an action-packed 2-2 1/2 minute routine. Our sport is unique in that everyone plays a vital role on the team and no one sits on the bench! This program has the highest commitment of the 3.


All-Star Cheer, Novice, and Prep programs are open to ages 3-18. Please contact us to see what programs and age divisions will be offered throughout the season. Our cheer programs are hosted in sessions or seasons, and not eligible for the trial membership.

Interested in All Star Cheer?

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