A quick glance around the campfire leaves me feeling mystified by the glow of…the cellphones. A group of teens illuminates the circle with their screens while they Snapchat people – some of whom are sitting around the fire with them. They scroll through tic tok, Instagram, and other social media apps. They like some posts, scroll past some others and self-doubt, criticism and judgment run rampant.

Can we take a minute to recognize the irony? SOCIAL media, a medium for people to be social and build relationships, has a nasty side effect. The side effect is the ability to hide – hide behind the screen – and judge one’s self and others, oftentimes harshly.

In the words of T Swift, we need to all just calm down! We’ve all got crowns and rather than trying to knock someone else’s off (or our own!) we need to celebrate together! And when conflict arises, discuss it in person without judgment – seek solutions and understanding, not the opportunity to break a person down especially when that person may already be riding the struggle bus!!

It’s time we all take a temperature check on what we’re putting out in the universe. Are we being the change we want to see in the world? Are we being the candle that loses nothing by lighting another? Are we setting an example for our children, who will care for us and our country someday? Are we teaching and holding them (and ourselves) accountable for behavior that tears down instead of building up?

Every time we pick up the device that gives us access to almost the whole world, let’s commit to putting positivity out there! Who will you lift up today?

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