Objective: By using the following system, the building will be left clean and secured at all times. This will allow all equipment and facility areas to remain in good working condition and maintain the overall safety of the Quantum staff. This system must be used any time the gym is closed for any reason.

  1. Check the bathrooms (take trash/wipe counter/sweep/ refill paper as needed)
  2. Sweep front lobby
  3. Wipe down the counter 
  4. Make sure office looks clean and neat
  5. Check the trash in the offices and next to the water fountain
  6. Check snacks expiration and let Addie know if its under 50% full
  7. Check for voicemails – return them if you can
  8. Check facebook messages – return them if you can
  9. Check emails – return them if you can
  10. Close down the register. Click here for details Close down register
  11. Make sure all the phones are on the charger
  12. Turn air off in summer or turn down the heat to 50
  13. Turn off lights
  14. Lock the doors