Results Statement: This system is to ensure money is transferred into the proper accounts and allocated to the right bills.

  1. Log into Jackrabbit and click Reports, and run “Paid Fees” report.
    • Select the days for which you need to run the report (1-10 or 1-31 depending on if 1st or 2nd transfer of the month)
  2. Open “Quantum Master Monthly Budget” in the google drive.
  3. Go down the “Paid Fees” report and add amounts into the coinciding boxes on the budget sheet (Ex. Tuitions to tuition tab and so on)  
    • If second transfer of the month, delete the amounts and start over.
  4. Once all amounts are added to report, see bottom to show what amount needs transferred into each account.
  5. Open Simmons Bank account and log in.
  6. Verify amount in main quantum account and type on budget sheet to ensure you have enough before you start transfers.
  7. Complete each transfer 1 by 1.