Results Statement: This system is in place to ensure each person is properly and timely paid for their hours worked.

  1. Pull up home base on the computer and log in.
  2. Press time sheets on left hand side.
  3. Towards the top be sure the correct time span is selected, typically the entire prior month.
  4. Quickly verify times and make sure there are no discrepancies that need addressed.
  5. Write down hours.
  6. .If over 16, call Pittsenbargers CPA 417-232-4055 and report hours
    • if under 16 (apply hours worked directly to account as account credit)
  7. 24 hours later pck up payroll stubs from Pittsenbargers office.
  8. Obtain checks from payroll account.
  9. Write each staff members check, place inside folded stub and put in cubby.