Objective: To attract new athletes to our business by offering a FREE, public event where people can try cheerleading and check out what we offer with ZERO commitment.

Task List:

  1. create handouts for the event through Poster My Wall
  2. Try it Tuesday/Free Friday should have a minimum of 3 staff scheduled: 2 staff that are in the gym and 1 staff that floats and can assist parents at the front desk with waivers, registration, etc.
  3. there must be a Facebook event created, use the Try It Tuesday/Free Friday Word Copy in the description for your Facebook event
  4. schedule posts in the event for between 4:00-7:00 pm each day leading up to the event,
      1. For cheer day: use a combination of 5 Reasons Why Cheerleading is the Best Sport and Cheerleading Word Copy for the scheduled posts
  5. use any recent photos of kids smiling and having fun at cheer for each post – EVERY post MUST have a photo with it to increase engagement
  6. the event can be boosted if necessary, ask your manager for permission