Weather Classifications:
Personnel should also be aware of what to do if caught outdoors when a tornado is threatening.

Tornado Watch
 – Tornadoes are likely to occur in the watch area. Be ready to act quickly and take shelter, and check supply kits. Monitor radio and television stations for more information.
During this time, staff will remain on active alert to all media and phone alarm services. Shelter locations should be unlocked and prepared.

Tornado Warning
 – Imminent threat – A tornado has been sighted in the area or has been indicated by radar. Take shelter immediately.
During a tornado warning, staff should follow the procedures listed below immediately.

Shelter locations:

>> During a tornado warning, no children or staff shall leave the building. All members shall move to one of the following interior rooms and take shelter by kneeling and protecting their heads.
The following locations may be used as designated shelters:
Under the trampolines
Pull up the corner and have another teacher or Junior staff go first to help kids in there.
>> Students will follow the staff member to the sheltered area where the staff member will take attendance. Students and staff members may not leave the shelter until the warning has been lifted.