Objective: To ensure that our business is prepared to serve our customers at every level: administration, cleanliness, services, etc.

Front Desk Task List:

  1. open the Supply Management Form at the hyperlink
  2. walk around the gym once per month and check off all items that are low and should be replenished ASAP(discretion is required)
  3. submit form

Manager Task List:

  1. Every month managers will get a Wunderlist notification to check supplies at the gym
  2. Go to the checklist found by CLICKING HERE  and print it off while you walk around the gym and check for supplies that need to be ordered/purchased/etc.
  3. Mark items that need to be ordered with a checkmark
  4. Mark items that do not need to be ordered with the quantities of supplies left (ie. 12 rolls of toilet paper would be written: 12 rolls, etc.)
  5. Some subjectivity and common sense will be required to fulfil this task
  6. Once you have filled out your paper copy of the checklist, update the spreadsheet on the computer with a new tab so all staff members can see who and what has been checked/ordered/etc.
  7. Order/purchase supplies as required

Ordering Instructions:

Use the list found by CLICKING HERE to see where you should be ordering supplies from.