Objective: To ensure that all information on our website is accurate and up-to-date. By going through the website on a weekly basis, this helps ensure that all information is current.

Task List:

  1. go through the website and check all tabs, home page, etc. for out of date information
  2. go to https://360mediaco.com/clients and enter in the details for the page that needs to be updated
    1. Update my site: to change description on page or site
    2. Add event: to add an event to calendar/event page
  3. always use the email address office@quantumathletics.net when requesting updates
  4. see the picture below for an example – use your own personal name but do NOT use your own personal email, always use office@quantumathletics.net
  5. Fill in the Boxes as prompted:
    1. To add event:
      1. Waiver on file: Always select
      2. Pre Registration: Select for all events except for PNO
      3. Event Calendar: Always Select
      4. Page for Purchase: Add anytime when possible
        1. If new event: will have to make new landing page as well for it