Scheduling Posts:

  1. Best times to post are Noon & 8pm
  2. Facebook posts can be scheduled out ahead of time, but instagram must be organic posting
  3. The schedule above is bare minimum. Ideally, we would post 2-3 times each day on Facebook and also to Instagram stories


Guidelines for all Social Media Posts:

  1. All posts should have a picture related to the posts
  2. NEVER post crotch shots
  3. Make sure text is clean and easy to read. Proofread all captions and text
  4. Posts should always be a good representation of Quantum
  5. Ensure all photos and videos are in focus
  6. Always use #quantumkids when has a picture of a Quantum student



  • Motivational Monday: You will place a quote that speaks to you on a Quantum image in a clear and reaadable fashion.  WE like them to fit into work, success, friendship etc. Post with #- #motivationalmonday #quantummotivates #quantumkids You may post the same image on both social media platforms.
  • Muscle Monday: Post cute picture of kids flexing their muscles.  Ideally you would photoshop the image to have a black banner on it with words “Muscle Monday”
  • Trick Tuesday: Post a video of a new skill from the week that hasn’t been posted yet.


      • First Tuesday post trick of the month
      • Last tuesday: Post a few pictures of kids doing trick of the month


  • Tell Me Tuesday: Below are examples for October.  Be sure you make post look fun and interesting.


      • Week 1- We all remember dressing up for Halloween. What’s the costume you remember the most? (Silly costume kid picture.)
      • Week 2- Poll: Where do you trick-or-treat? (Options: Downtown, Trunk or Treat, Neighborhood)
      • Week 3- What’s your favorite Halloween candy? Candy corn has us feeling like fall 😉
      • Week 4- Did you carve or decorate pumpkins this month? Share your picture!!


  • Tip Tuesday


    • You will post a cheerleading tip with a good informative description.

See: “Cheer Conditioning Academy” for ideas

Also ideas can be found on pinterest


  • Why Wednesday: Take a Quantum picture and place the “why” on the picture. Be sure to only place one each week to keep picture clean. In post rewrite the “Why” and add #’s  #quantumkids #whywednesday #why(cheer, dance etc.)


Week 1: Cheerleading

Week 2: Tumbling

Week 3: Dance

Week 4: Ninja

See Jag Gym Blog for examples


  • Work for it Wednesday – Show videos of teams or athletes working on skills. These do not have to be perfect videos! The point of this is to show people kids working and getting better!! #workforitwednesday #quantumkids
  • Birthday Ad: -See “Fusion Athletics Green Bay, Twister Sports, or past posts for examples”  Wording Example ”Celebrate your birthday at Quantum! We make sure everyone is safe, has a great time and that for our hosts- the party is a piece of cake.🎂 We are booking parties for the next couple months now! Send us a message now to get your party on the books.”

-Can use generic pictures for posts, doesn’t have to be a Quantum picture


  • Throwback Thursday: This can be any fun post, pull up an old video, an old pic and make it fun! Make it fun and sentimental. If event is comping up that occurred the year before post before event.  Tag any parents who have kids in the photo. #ThrowbackThursday 
  • Relax – This is a friendly reminder to our parents and families to enjoy their weekend and spend some time relaxing over the weekend. Searching Google Images with the term “Relax Saturday” or “Relax Sunday” works well for this. (Don’t go too cheesy.)
  • Birthday Thank Yous:  Post group pictures from birthday parties of the weekend. Use group images if provided, otherwise just use stock birthday image  Text similar to this “Happy Birthday ______, Thanks for celebrating with us!”



Other Posts: 

-Funny, appropriate video shares

-Motivational stories and posts

-Athlete of the Month Pictures

-Clinics and Events (Schedule event to post at a particular time)

  • Post within clinics and events consistently
  • Share to Q News (when applicable)

-Videos of Skills




  1. When people “like” the post, click on the likes to invite them to the post.
  2. Respond to any questions or fun comments.
  3. Respond to all messages within 2 hours of them being sent *during business hours*