Objective: To provide clear instructions so that all Quantum Athletics events are run in a smooth, efficient and profitable manner.

Task List:

  1. check the main calendar and also Events in Jackrabbit
  2. assuming there are no conflicts on the special event calendar, continue with planning the event and be sure to add your event to the calendar (if you require assistance with this, please email samantha@quantumathletics.net with the information for your event and it will be added to the calendar)
  3. create a Google Doc for the event in the Google Drive folder
  4. come up with the “Who, What, Where, When, Why, How and Price” for the event
  5. develop lesson plans (if applicable) and/or a timeline for the event in the Google Doc
  6. share the plan with your manager (or whoever is responsible for approving the event)
  7. once the event and plan has been approved follow the steps for Advertising an Event to get the word out there

REMINDER: All events must be 75% profitable. This means all admin time spent planning and advertising the event, rental rates (if applicable) and staffing to run the event must be 25% of the price.

Example: 8 hours spent planning and advertising a 2-hour stunt clinic (assuming each staff member makes $10/hour) would be 10 hours of staffing. The rental rate for our own facility is $75/hour so for this event it would be $150.00 (if renting a space this would substitute our gym rate). This is a total of $250 ($100 staffing + $150 rental). This means in order to be 75% profitable, the event must bring in $1000.00. This means we must charge $40 and have at least 25 athletes in attendance.