Results Statement: This system will ensure all Parents’ Night Out events are organized and promoted efficiently to have a sold-out event. If this system is followed, we will maximize each Parents’ Night Out event. In addition, parents will feel safe and secure about allowing us to care for their children at all times. This is both a revenue-generating and lead-generating event.

Date: Any Friday or Saturday night may be selected, but the following ones have proven to have success with easy registrations:

  • The closest Friday or Saturday evening to Valentine’s Day from 6-11 p.m.
  • St. Patrick’s Day (if it falls on a weekend)

Cost: $15 for Quantum Members, $20 for non- Quantum Members

Create a Facebook Event 6-8 weeks out.
Put on our website to be able to purchase 6-8 weeks out.
Put on our website calendar 6-8 weeks out.
Create a flyer for the event to be used for our Facebook posts, front door sign, bathroom stalls, and table tents 6-8 weeks out.
Post on our external Facebook page at least once a week starting 6-8 weeks out.
Post on our Q News! Facebook page
Post on our Instagram Story at least once a week starting 6 weeks out.
Put the flyer in the front door sign, bathroom stalls.
Put in our Weekly Email every other week starting 6-8 weeks out.
Send a Marketing Email 4 weeks out.
Projected Attendance Goal: 20 children over 3 years old

Staffing: Depending on ages registered, 2-3 adult staff over 18. One staff member should be a shift lead or manager with extended management training skills.

Waivers: All registration should be done for any kids who have never been to Quantum before.

How it runs:
Open Play will be available throughout the night from 6-7:30 p.m.
Get pizza, waters, and cookies at 7:30 pm
Clean up kids and let them go back out to play
One staff member stays in the party room to clean it the other watches the kids
At 8:30 have the kids pick out what they want to lay on and bring it to the floor closest to the office.
Project the movie on the wall, kids are to be watching the movie not playing

Clean-Up: After 10 p.m. staff should begin picking up, stacking mats, and wiping down tables as much as possible. As children are picked up, the adult staff can assist in accordance with all closing systems.
After Action: An after-action report will be written the following business day – to be completed by the shift lead/manager on duty. The report should be linked in the corresponding Trello card and archived for future use.