Objective: To be involved in the community through involvement in community events such as parades, fairs, trade shows, etc.


Task List:

  1. find the dates for the local parade by researching on the internet (city websites, etc.)
  2. find the application form, complete it and send it in with payment
  3. Create event on Facebook so families know when it will be- and it provides a place for updates
  4. post in your Facebook group and send email to active families only through JackRabbit and invite all families to participate
  5. usually about 2-3 days before the parade, a parade map will be received by email
  6. look over the map, find the meeting point for the float
  7. via Facebook & email share the meet spot with everyone who is going to be walking in the parade and share the route with parents
  8. Remind everyone to wear Quantum apparel and colors!  (includes parents/siblings/etc.)
  9. advise families if they want to throw candy (optional) it needs to be provided by the family for their child to throw, Quantum does not provide candy for families to throw (EXCEPT for Christmas parades)

Decorating Instructions:

  1. Put straw bales around edges as a barrier
  2. Hang quantum logo banners from upstairs with zip ties to premade metal sides for trailer
  3. Hang the square quantum banner from back of trailer
  4. Have a playlist of appropriate music ready to play on repeat during the parade (as loud as possible) through the speaker


Day of the Parade:

  1. meet all athletes and parents walking in the parade at the meet spot as indicated in the map from the parade committee
  2. walk the parade
  3. return back to meet spot
  4. stay with all kids until every kid is picked up by a parent/guardian who you recognize
  5. take the float down