Objective: This system outlines what is considered acceptable and unacceptable for all staff at the front counter and other areas in the gym/facility.


  1. Staff are not permitted to eat at the front counter between the hours of 4:00-10:30 pm (Monday through Thursday) or at any time on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays regardless of the start/end time of their shift. No one wants to watch somebody eat. Our front desk is the first thing people see when they enter our building and is the first impression we make.
  2. Eating is permitted in the back office.
  3. Staff are not allowed to eat during their shift. If you are working a shift that is longer than 5 hours, you will be allowed a small snack break. These snack breaks ahould be taken upstairs or in the back office


  1. There is a chair at the front desk where a front desk staff member may be required to stand for an extended period of time (ie. registration nights).
  2. Front desk staff are generally moving around the front desk and doing multiple simultaneous tasks where agility is required.
  3. Staff who are waiting for their shift to start are not permitted to sit in the front desk chair.
  4. Staff waiting for a shift to start should find something to keep themselves busy with (ie. tidy up the gym area, read over lesson plans, etc.)

Cell Phones:

  1. Cell phones are not allowed during a shift. This does not mean that you can leave your phone on the front desk and check it periodically during your shift.
  2. Cell phones should be kept in your personal staff mailbox.
  3. Cell phones can be checked during an assigned break
  4. If you are working a full-day in the office (ie. front desk, manager, etc.) you are permitted to use your cell phone during your breaks.
  5. If you are working a full-day as a coach (ie. summer camps, day camps, etc.) you are not permitted to use your cell phone during any snack/lunch/meal breaks. Your meal breaks are paid time and is to be used to interact with the students.

Visiting the Gym:

  1. We love the fact that our employees enjoy spending time at the gym when they are not working (this happens frequently when staff who are also athletes arrive early for practice).
  2. When you pop in to the gym to say “Hi!”, this time must be brief and is not an opportunity to visit with fellow staff members who are on shift.
  3. On the flip side, when you are working, friends & family are not permitted to visit you at work. If a friend or family member needs to come to the gym (ie. drop-off a water bottle, etc.) this must be kept to less than 2 minutes.
  4. Staff who are athletes, when you arrive for practice, you must leave your belongings upstairs with the other athletes. Personal items may be kept in your staff cube/mailbox however all changing, visiting, stretching, etc. must be done upstairs.


  1. The gym iPad is to be used for Quantum business ONLY.
  2. The iPad is NOT to be used to check personal emails, Facebook messages, etc.
  3. Absolutely NO personal use of the iPad permitted at any time.