Objective: To provide excellent customer service to our customers by letting them know when important valuables such as: glasses, cell phones, wallets, etc. have been left behind at the gym.

Task List:

  1. upon finding the forgotten item, put it in a safe place at the front desk until you can deal with the rest of the tasks on this list
  2. at the end of your shift, give the family a call using the number on their Jackrabbit file
  3. if there is no answer, leave a message (if possible) and follow up with an email (from office@quantumathletics.net account)
  4. you will need to copy and paste the email address from the family profile in Jackrabbit
  5. the email should read:

“Hello ____!

We just wanted to let you know that we have found your ______ and they are at the front desk for pick-up! We are open _______.

Thank you!”