Objective: To communicate with your manager how your shift went to ensure all problems can be solved and all achievements can be recognized. Also, to create a reliable system for documenting behaviour. In the event of a parent/student intervention, management should be able to refer to the EOD google report and pull up any incident that ever occurred.

Task List:

  1. At the end of your shift, click the End of Day report link on announcements of staff Facebook page.
  2. Answer all of the questions and make sure all of your duties in the report are completed
  3. This information must be DETAILED (see HOW TO BE DETAILED below) but does NOT need to be point form a. Include NAMES b. Include TIMES c. Include details as to what happened (ie. Suzie was being rude NO… explain WHY and HOW Suzie was being rude!) d. Example of an excellent EODshown below
  4. EXAMPLE: “STUDENT  acts embarrassed when I ask her to do things, and will refuse. Its hard because I’m sure I was the same at this age, but I also think I wouldn’t pass up the moment for attention. She almost looks for attention in embarrassment and making a scene over it. Her station didn’t go well, she got hurt and said it was her shoulder. We grabbed an ice pack, a bandaid for some rugburn, and i let her sit for a while which turned into the rest of practice. I think STUDENT is starting to use injury to get out of things she doesn’t want to do or things that make her vulnerable to not being the best or a “natural” She sat out the rest of practice. We couldn’t get anything done STUDENT and STUDENT listened attentively and participated when prompted.”
  5. Submit form
  6. Watch email to see response from manager.