Objective: To maintain the professionalism of Quantum Athletics and to ensure that all employees are ready to take on whatever the needs of our customers may be. The expectation is that all employees must demonstrate that they took time to prepare their appearance for work. This shows our clients and customers that we care about our jobs and our business. Due to the nature of the business, it is also following the philosophy that employees are role models for our young athletes.


You will be provided with the appropriate # of Quantum staff shirts when you begin working

-Upon termination of employment, shirts must be returned or they will be taken off of your last paycheck


How should I make sure that I fit the dress code:

-hair secured away from the face

-Quantum purple staff shirt

-absolutely NO branded clothing (ie. Volcom, Billabong, etc.)

-absolutely NO clothing items that represent actions, opinions, etc. that are not appropriate for children

-NO white clothing

-all clothing must be clean, odor-free and stain-free

-dedicated indoor running shoes are recommended OR socks only

-high-waisted pants that do not expose any underwear or skin

-long shirts that do not expose any underwear or skin around the waist/hips

-shirts that are high around the neck to avoid any cleavage or underwear from showing

-absolutely no underwear or cleavage showing (bras, ladies underwear, breast cleavage, buttocks cleavage, etc.)

-all clothing must be made of material that does not expose skin or undergarments when stretched

-absolutely no jewelry other than rings and small stud-style earrings


It is also required that all employees maintain excellent hygiene. This includes (but is not limited to the following):

-hair must be brushed and secured away from the face

-hair must be clean and scent-free from body odour, perfume, etc.

-teeth must be brushed and the mouth must be kept fresh by drinking water (gum is allowed)

-absolutely NO left-over make-up

-the body must be kept clean of all body odours (this includes but is not limited to: sweat, female hygiene, etc.)

-deodorant and body spray is a must

-due to the nature of our work (physical activity) it is strongly recommended that all employees shower before a shift

-clothing must be clean (if you work multiple shifts in the same week, work clothing must be laundered in between shifts)

-pet hair, crumbs, and other miscellaneous objects that may collect on clothing must be removed before arriving to work

-fingernails must be kept clean and short, regular cleaning under fingernails is recommended (gel nails are allowed)