This system is in place to help select the Star Student’s each month.  It should be executed by an office staff member and completed before the beginning of each month.

  1. Staff members will submit students they think are deserving throughout each month.
  2. 1 Week before the end of the month, go to “Student of the Month” google form to read submissions
  3. Select 3-4 students from those selections that you think sound deserving of the honor. Try to vary ages, class types etc. each month so we keep a variety of students nominated. If a student is already hanging on the wall, do not pick them again.
  4. Write the students name with black sharpie at the top of a student of the month ribbon and paper clip to a blank star student of the month poster.
  5. Place ready to go ribbon and poster on top of small filing cabinet in office
  6. Write the names of selected students on a small piece of paper and put in the cubby of the staff member who submitted the child so they remember to recognize them the first week of the month
  7. Staff will take a picture with child holding poster as they hand to them.  Try to get a close up clean image of the child. Congratulate them and make it a big deal!! Then remind them to complete the poster and turn back in so we can hang it on the wall.