Objective: To provide a frictionless experience to our customers by efficiently responding to all phone messages and program inquiries.

Task List:

  1. listen to Voicemail messages on phone
  2. Call 417-279-2009 on gym phone and enter password “36723”
  3. take notes as you listen to the voicemails to make sure you are getting all the information down
  4. be sure to have information needed to answer their questions before calling back
  5. call the caller back starting with “Hi there! This is _____ calling from Quantum Athletics here in Lockwood, I am returning your call regarding___” and using proper Communication Etiquette (LINK TO Communication Etiquette (in Person, Email, etc) PAGE)  provide them with the information they were looking for
  6. ensure to end the conversation with “If you have any further questions, please feel free to give us a call back or send us an email!”