Results Statement: By using this system, all cash will be accounted for and a single person will be responsible for making an accurate deposit.

  1. Open the register
  2. Throughout the night, all transactions that include cash or checks will be accounted for. All clients will be offered a receipt for their purchases.
  3. If using cash or check, all transactions will be written on a piece of paper to be entered into Quantum Athletics account on Jackrabbit at the end of the night..
  4. At the end of the shift, the cash will be counted. The total amount over $175 will be logged and placed in the money bag. The amount for $1’s $5’s and etc, is on the register. (Extra money should be placed in pink bag in back of 2nd drawer in large filing cabinet
  5. Check the red bag next to the register and total up the amount of checks and stamp the back line with the black stamp on the register
  6. Close the register
  7. Enter all cash, check totals into Money Closeout 2022