Objective: To ensure that front desk is doing their part to ensure that our birthday parties run smoothly and that the facility & equipment is ready for the next party.

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Birthday Parties should be booked in the google Calendar, added to the desk calendar and completed party form should be placed in top filing cabinet drawer.

Before the party:

  1. Right after booking- Send Confirmation Email

Click HERE for word copy.

  1. Call with party information 1 week before party

“Hello, This is (YOUR NAME) from Quantum Athletics. I was calling to confirm the birthday party you had booked this upcoming (DATE) at (TIME) for (CHILD’s NAMEif listed).  Did you have a minute for me to go over a few details for your party?

“We wanted to remind you that You are welcome to come 10 minutes before your party’s designated start time to set up cake and any decorations. We could have a party booked before your time, so the party room will be unavailable any earlier than that.

Also, All kids will need to have a signed waiver on file.  Paper copies will be available at the party. We have an online waiver option if someone’s parents will not be coming along. (If they ask for it It is www.quantumathletics.net/waiver)

I have down that you paid a Deposit of $____ so that will leave $___ due the day of your party.

Were there any other questions you need answered prior to your party??

Awesome we will see you (DAY) at (TIME)!

After the party:

  1. Insert the following text in an email to the birthday child’s parents

title the email “Birthday Party Feedback”

“Thank you for spending your Birthday at Quantum Athletics. We would love if you would take a minute to complete our Feedback Survey at the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/D2WZ8PW Your feedback is important to us.

If you require further assistance, please email office@quantumathletics.net or call 417-279-2009.



Quantum Athletics”

*If the feedback is great no follow up is required aside from possibly asking the parent if we can use part of the comments they made in our advertising

*If the feedback is NOT GOOD, we need to follow up to make things better (free class, discounted class, refund, etc.)

Birthday Party Tracking Form