Results Statement:  This system is established to send postcards each week to students who have 2 unexcused absences in a row.  This is to help families feel important and like they are part of a family.

  1. This system is to be completed by office staff each Monday (or first day of the week if no classes are held on a given Monday).
  2. Log in to Jackrabbit website
  3. Select “2-3 absences in last 14 days” on the left side of executive dashboard on the main page
  4. This list will bring up a list of all students who have at least 2 absences in the last 14 days.
  5. Double check each name on the list to ensure they need a postcard sent.
  6.  In about the middle of the columns there is a note column.  If a student has an excused absence there will be a note there.
  7. Also take note if there were no classes for any reason, do not count that as an absence
  8. 2 Week Postcards are in top drawer of filing cabinet under cash register
  9. Say “We haven’t seen you in a while….. Etc”
  10. Find each student’s address:
  11. Click on 1st name you need to send to
  12. then click last name next to “Family”
  13. Select billing info from blue columns across the top
  14. Using a black sharpie, write the students name and address in the box on the back of the postcard
  15. Place a postcard stamp on the top right of postcard on SAME SIDE as address.
  16. Stamps are also in the top drawer of filing cabinet by postcards.