1. Log into jackrabbit account
  2. Type the name of student you are wanting to add in box at the top
  3. Press enroll next to the name of the student you are wanting to enroll
  4. The screen below will pop up with all of the classes Press enroll on the far left for the class you are wanting.
  5. Be sure you always enroll for corresponding billing class (Ex. you would need to enroll both “Tumble 100 5pm” & “Tumbling Effective Jan 19”) Press “SELECT MORE CLASSES” to add corresponding billing class.
  6. Press View & Confirm Enrollments
  7. If you need to charge tuition for the month:
  8. Highlight Post box
  9. Press Post selected fees
  10. If they will start the class the following month:
  11. Press Skip This…I’ll Post Fees Later