Objective: To ensure that our facility is the right temperature for our athletes to train safely. A facility that is too cold can lead to injury, while a facility that is too hot can lead to fatigue.

Details: Discretion is required. We live in an area that has sporadic weather and temperature changes. The following information should be considered a guideline. Generally speaking, the air conditioner should NEVER be left on overnight or when the gym is empty during the day. Discretion is required for instances such as; long weekends that we are closed, Christmas break, etc. Plan to get to the gym early if you are opening to ensure the gym is to a comfortable temperature for the first families who come in.

Winter Months:

  1. The heat should be set on 69 degrees and no higher.  You can turn it down if it gets to warm in the building
  2. the air conditioning should absolutely NEVER be turned on during this time, no matter how hot it gets in the gym

Summer Months (June-September):

    1. Air conditioning should be set on 75 degrees.  And never turned down any lower
    2. Air should never be left on at night and should be turned off by the last person to leave the building