Objective: To provide a clean, welcoming atmosphere for our clients and prospective clients.

Task List: 

    1. Go get trash bags from lower left cabinet in the party room
    2. White bags are for all trash cans except for party room and it gets black
      • If there are less than ½ of a box left, leave a note in Samantha’s Cubby
    3. BEFORE removing bag from bin, pull up the sides of the bag as high as possible
    4. With sides of bag high, tie the bag
    5. Pull bag out of bin
    6. Is the bag leaking or dripping?
      • Yes-Put bag back in the bin and take the whole bin out the side of the building.  When outside remove bag. It is okay to drip on concrete/gravel as long as outside
      • No- Great, take bag out and continue next steps
    7. Take all full bags and make sure they are in dumpster at the side of the building
    8. Put in a new bag in any changed bins