Objective: To provide a frictionless experience for both clients and staff when booking birthday parties.

Parties Can Typically Be Booked at the Following Times:
(Check Google Calendar or Trello  to verify availability before giving someone a time.)

Fridays: 530pm or 6pm

Saturdays: 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm

Sundays: 1pm , 5pm

  1. Get birthday party agreement from top drawer of filing cabinet by the fridge
  2. Fill in today’s date at very top of birthday party agreement
  3. Gather all information needed to complete the top section of birthday party booking form (Name, Phone Number, Email etc)
  4. Circle selected party package and write their party price on “Party Base Price” line
    • Be sure to pay attention to difference in Member vs Non Member price
  5. Write the amount they prepaid on the deposit line (Must prepay at least $50)
  6. Fill in their subtotal line by subtracting deposit from party base price
  7. Add party to the Google Calendar:
    • Name event “Party:” followed by the parents name
    • Be sure time is correct for party
    • In notes list the package selected
    • Color should be default color
  8. After booking the party put on main office desk
  9. If you know how, also Add booking to Trello Card