Objective: To provide a clean, welcoming atmosphere for our clients and prospective clients.

Task List: 

  1. Get disinfecting wipes from under stairs or in party room cabinet
  2. Ensure all toilets are flushed
  3. If necessary, use disinfecting wipe to clean off toilet seat/urinal front
  4. Pick up all toilet paper/paper towel pieces off of the floor and put into trash can
  5. Push down trash in trash can if looks full with just paper
  6. If still ¾ or more full after pushing down, change trash following trash changing system
  7. Use disinfecting wipe to wipe down counter and faucet -then use paper towel to dry
  8. Wipe down mirrors with disinfecting wipe-then use dry paper towel to remove streaks
  9. Return wipes where you found them