Team Placements

Objective: To place athletes on a team that fits their personality, skill level and ability to listen and follow instructions. What are we looking for?


Elite teams: athletes who demonstrate natural talent, willingness to learn, above average work ethic, passion for the sport and a strong family support system.


Prep teams: athletes who demonstrate a strong work ethic, willingness to learn, enjoy the sport and have a good family support system (might not be the most naturally talented athletes).


Set-up: (staff should arrive 30-45 minutes before placements start to clean, tidy and prepare for the evening)

  1. sweep & mop the reception area, parent seating area, bathrooms, etc.
  2. ensure that there are printed copies of the Information Package available for parents to browse through
  3. have a copy of the Information Package at the front desk for staff to reference when parents ask questions
  4. wipe/dust all surfaces
  5. ensure that bathrooms are fully stocked (toilet paper, paper towels, soap, etc.)
  6. ensure that all toilets are clean (under the lid/seat/etc.)
  7. ensure that all lights are on and that the gym looks welcoming


Task List:

  1. check all athletes in at front desk: check for waiver, get try-out form, name tag and payment
  2. send athletes in to the gym to wait to get started (be conversational with kids while waiting to start)
  3. Follow the Guide for the correct age group
  4. Take notes of any athlete that stands out as naturally talented OR any athlete that stands out as exceptionally unsuitable for an elite team (anyone can be on a prep team)