Objective: To provide a seamless experience for athletes, parents and the photographer. Coaches are not required to attend photos if it is not part of a regularly scheduled practice time, however, coaches are encouraged to pop in for the photo (this is not paid staff time).

Order of events:

  1. photographer arrives
  2. assist photographer with carrying in equipment if required
  3. show the photographer where to set up (some photographers might have an idea of where they would like to set up already)
  4. get athletes organized for solo shots
  5. coordinate group shot with photographers expertise
  6. ensure general seamlessness of entire photo taking event


  • ensure that athletes are waiting patiently in line for their solo shot
  • come up with a pose/fix a pose that doesn’t look good
  • encourage athletes waiting in line to choose the pose they want to do
  • ideas for poses: kneeling with barbie hands, barbie hands on hips facing the corner turn body to the front, etc. (think cheer choreography)
  • assist the photographer as required (handling paper forms, fixing hair & makeup, etc.)

Taking the Lead on the Flow of Photo Day:

  1. take everyone’s photo envelope for the first team (if parents are wanting to drop off their form for their other child’s team make a stack on the front desk, you should only have one team in your hands at a time – this is how the photographer keeps the photos organized)
  2. if the family does not have money in the envelope, their child will NOTget a photo taken! No money, no photo! No exceptions!
  3. Come up with 1 or 2 individual poses for the kids to pick from (usually a “cute” popped knee with hands on hips and a “fierce” crossed arms with legs wide are the two options – most pick the popped knee which is probably the best option)
  4. Call each child up for their individual shot based on the order of photo forms you have in your hands
  5. Give the photo order form to the child to hand to the “nice lady helping with the photos and when your photo is done, please sit over there” and set aside a spot for kids to stay after their photo is taken so they are out of the way
  6. the child will have their photo taken and then head over to the designated wait spot
  7. once this process has repeated and all children with forms (ie. kids who are ordering photos) have had their photo taken, then it will be group photo time
  8. the photographer will do most of the work, our job is to basically help with names and make sure the pose is symmetrical and uses current/up-to-date cheer choreography/poses (ie. don’t let the photographer have the kids standing like cheerleaders from the 1800’s with Hi-V’s and goofy facials)
  9. once the group shot is complete, that team is done and this process repeats itself until all teams are finished

If you have any questions during the process, please feel free to ask the photographer. This is their system that we are just assisting with.


Q: Is there any way we could do the group photo first and then do the solos? That way people who have to leave can get out sooner?


A: As long as it is okay with the photographer, go for it! The main reason we do solo shots first is because no one ever shows up on time (or some people show up early) so that way you can get started on solo photos while people trickle in and then do the group shot once everyone is actually there and has their solo shot done. We have tried to do team first before but just end up doing solos first anyways because of people not showing up on time. BUT if everyone is there on time and the photographer is okay with it, there is no reason we can’t do it that way!