Objective: We will conduct skill checks every 2 weeks to ensure that we can make sure kids are getting recognition for their new skills and getting new skills often.  If they do not feel they are learning anything new they will lose motivation.

  • ANYTIME any new skill is achieved (BIG OR SMALL) it should be put on the new trick wall, let pick a prize out of the bucket, give a ribbon (if applicable) and added to their skill chart on Jackrabbit (if applicable), .
  • Staff also must meet a certain number of new skills each month as a teacher.  See New Skill Definitions page to see how to define a new skill for yourself and how many you need to have.

Task List:

  1. Open the staff portal, here is the link: Staff Login
    1. Or you can reach it through facebook-Quantum Staff-Announcements-attendance
  2. Select Main as your location
  3. Enter your username and password
  4. Press manage classes at the top of the screen
  5. Press Skills/Levels next to the class you want to do skill check for
    1. Press under the skill and name you want to check
      1. You will press tested for the day that you perform the skill check and attain ONLY IF it is PERFECT! This means they are ready to move to the next level with the skill
      2. Still be encouraging to the child if they don’t quite have it, however do not give ribbon or check it off of the skill chart