Running a Successful Class (Tumble, Ninja etc.)

Objective: To provide a fun place for athletes of all ages to learn, grow and prosper. Learning happens best in a fun and exciting atmosphere where there is lots of smiles and sweat.



Task List:

  1. Arrive prepared with your practice plan/lesson plans. Instructor time is to be used for instruction with students, NOT for preparing for class or visiting with other coaches, athletes, parents, etc.
  2. During practice (everything from warm-up to conditioning to power-chat), coaches should NEVER be in a line across the floor. Always create a dynamic coaching experience for the kids by having a maximum of 1 coach at the front of the floor. The other coaches should be on the floor (back, sides, etc.) and engaging with kids.
  3. Warm-up & stretch. Warm-up is to be led by instructors for all athletes. Age-appropriate warm-ups are provided and must be followed. Stretch must be led by instructors.
  4. Practice plan. Follow your practice plan that was prepared BEFORE you arrived at work.
  5. If applicable – Conditioning. Conditioning should always be FUN and needs to be facilitated by coaches. Conditioning is not an opportunity for coaches to take a break. Coaches should be encouraging athletes on the floor and making sure that conditioning is a FUN part of practice.
  6.  FUN. Always finish practice with something fun.
  7. Character Words. End your practice time with your Character Word Chat for the day. Remember, It must be rehearsed and prepared BEFORE class. This is part of arriving prepared with a practice plan.