Objective: To ensure that our customers (athletes and their families) have a smooth experience when they are in our facility. We must avoid at all costs, making our customers feel like they don’t know where to go, don’t know where to stand, don’t know where to watch, don’t know where to wait, etc.

Task List:

  1. front desk staff (or any staff member who sees a new person enter the gym) should be advising families as they walk in the door (especially families who are here for the first time) that they should proceed upstairs and children can leave their shoes in a locker.  There are bleachers available for parents to watch the kids during class
  2. instructors should go upstairs to “collect” the students for their next class by walking up to the top of the stairs and in a friendly but loud voice, ask all students that are in CLASSNAME to come down for class
  3. Example conversation: “Hi everyone! Can I please have all of my Ninja students follow me downstairs! It’s time to get started! Are you excited for class today?!”
  4. if there are students that you don’t recognize upstairs, or just other kids who look like they don’t know if they are supposed to be in your class or not (ie. Trial students on their first day) please ask them for their name and try and figure out if they are supposed to be in your class (checking the Trial Tracking Spreadsheet before class can be a good way to see if there are any new students in your class)
  5. ask the kids to follow you downstairs once you have a line of students behind you
  6. Example conversation: “Alright guys, you can follow me to the gym for class! Please make sure you stay single file and use the hand rail!”
  7. once you all get down the stairs, they can follow you out to the gym together