Objective: To provide a fun place for athletes of all ages to learn, grow and prosper and to provide athletes with the tools they need to reach their athletic goals. Learning happens best in a fun and exciting atmosphere where there is lots of smiles and sweat.Schedule:½ Private:00:00-00:15 – drills00:15-00:25 – spotted skills (floor, trampoline, incline, etc.) Full Private:00:00-00:35 – drills00:35-00:50 – spotted skills (floor, trampoline, incline, etc.)

Task List:

  1. Arrive prepared with a practice plan. Instructor time is to be used for instruction with students, NOT for preparing for class or visiting with other coaches, athletes, parents, etc.
  2. Warm-up should be done by the athlete before their private lesson begins. If an athlete did not arrive in time to warm-up and stretch a simple 30 second warm-up will do:
    a. 2 panels of inch worm
    b. quick ankles & wrists stretch
    c. 30 second bridge
  3. Practice plan. Follow your practice plan that was prepared BEFORE you arrived
    a. The first portion of a private lesson should be dedicated to drills; drills can encompass supplementary skills in addition to the primary skill being taught in the lesson (ie. if working on back handsprings, incorporate 1 round-off station if necessary)
    b. The second portion of a private lesson should be for hands on skills & spotting (if applicable) this doesn’t mean you are spotting round off back handspring back tucks at an athletes first lesson but the last 15 minutes should be hands on drills/skills such as:
    i. Trampoline skills
    ii. Skills using shape blocks where the coach is hands on with the block
    iii. Running tumbling
    iv. Standing tumbling
    v. Spotting
    vi. Etc.
  4. Private lessons are expensive. Families are paying to see their children progress quickly and safely. It is our job to ensure that private lessons have ZERO down-time. If an athlete needs a break tell them they have 10 seconds. Make sure you are still focused on the athlete during this time by;
    a. Setting up a new station
    b. Fixing a Velcro on a mat
    c. Grabbing something from the storage room (ankle weights, etc.)

In the case of a late private lesson or a no-show private lesson, see the system Late & No-Show Private Lessons HERE.   (LINK TO LATE AND NO SHOW PRIVATE LESSONS PAGE)