Parent’s Night Out  Ages 3-12 45 kids max typically  6pm – 10pm *At least 2 staff

Before kids arrive:

  • -Follow opening procedures to get gym prepared
  • -Put away any unnecessary mats to keep kids out of them when they arrive
  • -Be sure balls are out of wire cart
  • -Place napkins at chairs in party room so ready for dinner later

As kids arrive:

  • -Be sure they have a signed release waiver on file
  • -Put name on check-in sheet and charge as needed: $15 members, $20 nonmembers
  • Floor floater-be observing kids as they come in to be sure they are following gym rules
  • Office floater– observe from mats closest to office so that you can see when people come in to check in


6:00 Kids start to arrive

6:15 Order Pizza from Pump to be ready at 7:15

  • -1 Pizza for every 5 kids, be sure to ask for small slices
  • -Order Cheese and Pepperoni; typically one more cheese
  • -Example: 25 kids: Order 3 cheese and 2 pepperoni

6:00-7:15 Free Play time

7:15-7:45ish Send all kids to wash hands; After washing hands they go sit in party room

  • -Have kids stay in seats as you distribute pizza, Give only 1 piece at a time
  • -After everyone has pizza, can start giving seconds
  • -They stay in seat and raise their hand and you bring to them
  • -Distribute waters to everyone, opening for little kids as you pass out
  • -As kids are winding down with pizza, start passing out cookies
  • -After everyone has had 1 cookie, can give seconds for cookies as well
  • -When most people are done eating can start dismissing to go play again
  • -Have wet paper towels ready to go to wash faces and hands
  • -One staff member over by sink to help wash hands, other staff member
  • stands by the door to check each person is clean before they go back out
  • on the floor to play


7:45-8:30  Free Play / 1 Staff clean up room if able

  • -1 Staff member stay in gym area to observe kids during last play time
  • -1 Staff clean party room (if less than 20 kids, otherwise do after kids have left),
  • -Sweep off chairs and floor
  • -Throw away tablecloths and take out trash
  • -Place water cooler and leftover cookies in back office


8:15 Set up movie equipment & Mats

  • -1 Staff member go get projector cart and speaker from back office
  • -Plug in extension cord to power strip and wall
  • -Press power button on top of projector
  • -Use remote to turn on netflix and allow it to load
  • -Then select kids and search for movie you will be watching
  • -Plug aux cord from speaker into side of project and turn on speaker
  • power strip
  • -Lay out various mats for kids to watch movie on (pit pillow, wedges etc.)


8:30-10:00 Movie time

  • -Call all kids to find a spot for movie time
  • -Kids 2nd grade and above may be in the foam pit or on trampolines
  • -Once kids are settled turn off gym lights and press play
  • -Throughout the movie, 1 staff member stay seated near water fountain where you can always see the door.  Other staff member should act as a floater.  Walk over to trampolines and foam pit regularly to ensure kids are doing what they are supposed to be doing
  • -As parents start to arrive, go grab their kids and tell them their parents are there and to get their shoes on.


Before leaving:

  • -Be sure all mats are put away where they belong
  • -All credit cards/accounts have been charged for the night


Other important information:


  • Parents are allowed to leave money for their kids to get snacks, you just
  • have to keep a running tally in the office
  • -Parents may also let their kids have a tab and pay at pick up, MUST



  • -No digging in foam pit
  • -If playing football too rough: first: give warning second: make play 2 hand touch instead of tackle third: make them play something else if needed