Objective: The goal of Open Gym for members is that all members would want to attend Open Gym again and again because they had a great time, both athletically and socially. The goal of Open Gym for non-members is that they would want to return to Open Gym, and they might also want to become members in a program. Open Gym is a great way for children and their parents to see our facility, get a feel for the type of programming that we offer and experience our small-town, family, friendly, gym culture!

Open Gym is 1.5 hours long and is open to any kids (members and the public) ages 3 and older. Children who are 3-5 years old must be with a parent.

Staff are required to have everything ready when participants begin to arrive (both in the gym and at the front desk). There will usually be one person watching the front desk and one person watching the gym.

Task List:

  1. arrive early to set up
  2. Place Open Gym sheet on front desk counter for parents to sign in. Sometimes people arrive before the front desk staff is ready ($5.00 for members, $10 for non-members), you can print Open Gym Sign In Sheets by clicking HERE
  3. Open Gym costs $5.00 for members and $10 for non-members (public). A member is defined as an athlete who is actively registered in a current regularly scheduled program.Siblings of a member are subject to pay the $10.00 non-member fee.
  4. All participants require a waiver. Search for the participant name in Waiver folder of Office Gmail Account or in drawer with paper release forms. If they do not have a waiver on file, an adult (over the age of 18) will be required to complete one for them before they can participate. This is especially important for Open Gym as athletes are working on their own and injuries are more prone.
  5. If an athlete comes with siblings/friends/etc. you will suggest to them that their parents fill out the waiver on their phone/computer/tablet from home or wherever they are. They can do so at the following link: www.quantumathletics.net/waiver
  6. if a family wants to pay with credit card, debit card or use their card on file you will follow the same payment steps as any other transaction: Make Sale/Post Fees > Type: Events > Category 1:Open Gym > Enter amount in Orig Amount > Note list date of open gym
  7. you can bill multiple siblings on the same transaction, they do not need their own line item just do the math in your head (ie. 3 siblings attending = $15.00)
  8. if the family does not have an account in JackRabbit, you will follow the same steps as above but using the Losack family in jackrabbit
  9. set up 4-6 stations that are multi-purpose, see list below
  10. put on child-friendly music in the background (use Pandora: kids bop or disney)

Instruction Time:

  1. although Open Gym is “free-time”, it is important to remember that parents are paying for INSTRUCTION, so you must be actively coaching/spotting/encouraging during the entire time
  2. put on a ROCKSHOW: make kids feel great, encourage partner activities/group activities to involve shy kids, watch for kids sitting alone who may need an invitation to join in
  3. go live on Instagram
  4. take videos and pictures of new skills
  5. NEW KIDS: learn names immediately, introduce yourself, make them feel welcome, show them around, introduce to other kids their age, and help them get set up with stations, invite them to show you their “tricks” etc.
  6. clean-up is a group project for staff and KIDS!! Making it a group activity promotes social interaction and makes the kids feel like they are belonging. The coach turns off the music at the exact time Open Gym ends and says (in an instructor voice), “Alright everyone, Open Gym is over. We need everyone to help clean up the gym.”

Suggested Stations:

  1. Designated running tumbling area with panel mats blocking it off
  2. Incline mats
  3. trampoline
  4. TumblTrak