Arrive 15 minutes before event is supposed to start to set up:


Set Up:

-Follow all gym opening procedures

-Make sure any equipment you plan to use in the gym is set up

-Check bathrooms to ensure it is clean and tidy


During the Night:

5 minutes: Have kids place shoes in a line in party room

15 minutes: start with a game for warm-up (ie. tag, ships and sailors, etc.) & Stretch

10 minutes: Review rules for all of Ninja Equipment & Gym

30 minutes: Split into groups for ninja stations (5 minutes at each station)


-Foam Pit

-Warped Wall

-Rock Wall/Cargo Net

-Monkey Bars

-Metal Section

3-5 minutes: Drink break 30 minutes: Help kids assemble an obstacle course & then let run it

Do a few times as practice

Then time them to crown a winner

20 minutes: Free Play Time

5 minutes: Shoes & Wind Down