Objective: Nerf Wars are a great way to get boys and girls in the gym who may not directly be drawn to activities like cheerleading, tumbling or dance. It is a fantastic funnel for Ninja Classes, Boys’ Tumbling, Birthday Parties, etc. It makes our gym the “fun” place to be in town. We need to ensure that Nerf Wars is FUN and the ULTIMATE ROCK SHOW! If you ROCK-OUT your Position Agreement, Nerf Wars will be an ULTIMATE SUCCESS!

Nerf Wars are 1.5 hours long. Staff are required to arrive 15 minutes early to set-up so that everything is ready when the warriors arrive. There will be two staff working Nerf Wars. One staff member is to supervise the gym area the entire time. The other staff member will work the front desk and then join in the gym once everything at the front desk is completed. The following instructions explain the front desk and gym supervisor positions.

Pre Party Set up: 

-Set up purple beam and cans in dance room

-Attach targets to gray wall

-Hang balloons from upstairs

Battlefield Mats:  2 equal groups… 2 inclines, 4 small panel mats,  2 octagons


6:00-6:10 Warrior warm up- gets the late kids in and kids ready for play (Some jumping jacks,run in place and stretches make it fun, Burpies, push ups)

630pm-  After the game.  Have everyone grab a drink and meet on the assigned line on the gray floor.

Distribute goggles for kids to wear (they are required)

Go over rules for playing with the nerf guns on the floor (see attached)

Make divide them into 4 equal groups…this will not be their team for the battle.

They will spend 10 mins at each rotation of target practice, 1 min for rotation and rules.

As kids are firing, when they are out of bullets, they need to retrieve them as well.


Station 1- Shooting cans on the beams

Station 2- Ping Pong Balls or Spinning Targets on the boards on top of Vaults

Station 3-  Shoot balloons hanging from upstairs.

Station 4-  Targets on wall.


After last station have all kids line up on the  line and put weapons and goggles down.


700PM – Have each kid select 1 or 2 friends so they can be on the same team.

710PM Start setting up battlefield- Have kids use the mats provided to each side and set up their battle field. Remind them that they have to be able to manouver in and out to go to the other teams side to steal their bean bags.  Which ever team has the other teams Bean bags wins or 5 minutes whatever comes first.

720PM  Practice shooting the other team without crossing the half way point (velcro strips) just to kind of give you an idea of where to shoot and where to move  mats if needed

725PM 5 Minute Drink Break

730PM Go Over all rules for the kids again, remind them not to shoot near the face and never swing their guns.  No shooting someone while they are reloading. They could hit someone in the head.

Tell them how the game is played.

–   You must capture the other teams colored bean bags.

– If you get shot in the process of going to the other side you must lower your weapon and raise your other hand and walk back to our base before you can start firing again

– You must walk fast NO RUNNING

– Game is over when time is up or all bean bags are captured from the other team

– Kids can NOT walk across trampoline or they will have to put bean bag back and return to their side

735 -810PM   Nerf battle

810PM Call all kids to line with weapons,  Ensure all weapons are empty. Place weapons on the line.

815PM Have kids retrieve all the bullets and putting them in one big pile

820pm Walk kids out to lobby to go home


Nerf Warrior Rules

Always Walk with your Nerf gun

Always watch where you are going

Never swing your weapon around you could hurt someone

Always wear your goggles when on the floor

Never shoot at someone’s face or Neck

Never shoot someone while they are reloading


Items needed from upstairs for Nerf Night

Rubbermaid labeled  NERF NIGHT which contains bullets, googles, fishing line, cups and tape.

Poster board targets

You will need scissors from the top left drawer in the front office.