Objective: To ensure that all classes/teams/lessons/etc. feel equally important in our gym. Every class/team/lesson must be valued.


  • any given class or team is only guaranteed to have access to three panels of mat at any given time, any extra mat space is considered a bonus
  • if there is a team and a class in the gym at the same time, the team should get preference of spring floor if other floor is available.
  • if there are 2 classes in the gym at the same time, they should alternate stations/circuits so will be at different areas at different times
  • if an allstar team is sharing the gym with any class, music must not be played louder than 75% of the max volume
  • if an allstar team is sharing the gym and would like to do a full out run, this must be communicated with any other coaches in the gym and the full out must take place during a natural break in the class (ie. water break, end of class/beginning of class, etc.)
  • it is NOT appropriate to ask a class to sit at the front and watch an allstar team full out
  • it IS appropriate to ask another team to sit at the front and watch another team full out. The viewing should be considered instructional time by giving the viewing athletes a specific task such as each person needs to watch an athlete in the same position as they are, or half of watching team watches hands and arm positions, and half watches feet and leg positions, etc. Give them something to focus on so they are watching to learn.
  • the gym can be split in a few different ways this must be determined by the coaches at the beginning of each shift/class
  • a 5 mat/4 mat split should be used for most other instances