Objective: Guest Instructors are brought in to provide another set of eyes for our teams. Guest Instructors expertise must be respected. These guidelines will help coaches ensure they are meeting their job description during guest instructor time.


  • coaches are responsible for introducing the guest instructor to the team/class
  • coaches must be actively coaching/on the mat with their teams (this is not an opportunity to have a break, have a snack, etc.)
  • coaches are responsible for making sure athletes are being respectful, standing in their spots, etc.
  • assist the guest instructor with coaching when appropriate (examples below)
  • coaches are able to make suggestions to the guest instructor, however, be respectful of their expertise and allow guest instructors to always make the call
  • any changes to a routine after a guest choreographer must be approved by ownership
  • coaches need to be learning the choreography changes in order to assist the team upon the guest instructors departure
  • coaches are responsible for bringing the team in at the end and getting a photo and saying “THANK YOU” to the guest

Examples of Assisting with Coaching:

  • if the guest instructor is teaching a dance section, coaches can take the athletes who already know their section and count through it with them
  • if the guest instructor is working on stunts, assist a group that is NOTcurrently being assisted by the guest instructor (rotate) – it is okay to listen to the feedback the guest instructor is giving a group, but then return to the group(s) that doesn’t have a coach
  • subjectivity may be required