Objective: To ensure that all field trips to Quantum Athletics feel welcomed and have a great time.  We are hoping these kids will want to come back again as members in the future.

  1. On the day of the field trip:
    1. One coach or front desk associate will be staffed to ensure the safety and coordination of all children in the group.  In the event that the organization is not bringing adults to assist in monitoring safety and there are more than 25 students, we will staff a 2nd person.
    2. The staff member will need to arrive 30 minutes before the field trip in order to complete the Gym Opening System and turn on any necessary bounce houses etc.
    3. When the field trip arrives:
      1. Busses may drop off students at the front door and park to the north of the building.
      2. The staff member will direct students into party room or dance room to remove shoes, and instruct them to have a seat until you are ready to review the rules
      3. The staff member will collect any waivers not submitted electronically
      4. With students gathered, the staff member will go over all the rules: (See birthday system for these rules)
  2. During the field trip:
    1. Staff member will be on the floor at all times to monitor safety and ensure all students are having fun.  If it is a small field trip or there is a lull, the staff member will offer the parachute or start a game.
  3. As the group is gathering their things:
    1. Collect the final payment
    2. At the end of the field trip, the staff member will get the kids off the floor and stand by the entrance as they leave.
    3. If the group allows, hand event new member special carts to the field trip host or students themselves (if they are school age_
    4. Turn off bounce houses as soon as athletes leave the floor
    5. After they leave the staff member will clean up all mats that were gotten out on the floor
    6. If the gym is closing, use the Cleaning and Closing system


To see information about booking and follow up for field trips