These systems will help define what is expected from coaches at a competition. Below are general guidelines, enclosed are specific systems for how to make a competition as smooth and successful as possible.


Objective: To provide a fun competition experience for athletes and parents. Scores do not matter one bit in the eyes of a parent. Parents want to see their kids having fun and enjoying the experience! It is our job as coaches to create that experience for them!


Task List:

  1. Arrive EARLY to the scheduled Coach Meet Time (ie. if the schedule says 9:00 am – be there at 8:50 am)
  2. Team Moms (if applicable) should have already checked to ensure everyone is there with their uniforms on, hair done, bows in, etc.
  3. This doesn’t mean that this isn’t part of your job as well
  4. Upon arrival:
  5. Make sure that all athletes are there
  6. If athletes are missing, work with the team mom to contact parents and track down any missing kids
  7. Check that all athletes have their hair done, uniforms, on, shoes on, bows in, make-up done, etc.
  8. Make sure that athletes leave their personal belongings (bags, etc.) with their parents as there is not a safe place for them to be kept
  9. General coaching/good-human duties:
  10. Greet your athletes when you arrive
  11. Greet athletes on other Quantum teams when you see them
  12. Be friendly with parents
  13. Ask them how the drive up was
  14. Ask them how long they are staying in the competition city
  15. When it is time to take the kids away from their parents, remind parents what time their kids perform and say, “see you soon!!!”
  16. Parents want and need to know that their children are in good hands and that we are excited about the parent/coach relationship that we have with them
  17. Start a conversation with your athletes
  18. How was your trip to warman?
  19. Did you stay in a hotel last night?

iii. Are you excited to compete?

  1. Are you staying in a hotel tonight?
  2. Do you have anyone here watching you?
  3. Maintain a conversation with your athletes
  4. They look up to you
  5. It is your job as the coach to hold a conversation

iii. Children do not know how to start and maintain a conversation, they need guidance and someone’s lead to follow

  1. Have a smile on your face and maintain eye contact when talking with parents and athletes
  2. No yelling
  3. Speak with a positive tone of voice
  4. Keep the warm-up room positive, no matter how good OR BAD your warm-up is going
  5. Kids need to have FUN at competitions
  6. It is the role and responsibility of the coach to maintain this

iii. Play a game

  1. Stay with your kids after they perform
  2. We advise parents to pick their kids up directly following performance, however this is not so that we can go sit in the stands and play on our phones, etc.
  3. We are WORKING when we are at competitions

iii. Do not drop kids off after they perform

  1. Stay with the kids and parents and talk about how amazing their run was and how proud you are of the team
  2. When it is time to go to score check, explain to whoever is left chatting with you that you must go do the teams scorecheck but you will see them later (specify: “see you tomorrow” OR “see you at awards” OR “are you going swimming tonight at the hotel? If you are I’ll see you then!!”…etc)
  3. Make competitions FUN
  4. As the coach, you are your athletes IDOL! They want to be just like you!
  5. Talk to them
  6. Make them feel important

iii. Make them feel like you want them to be there

  1. Make them feel like you care about them and their performance
  3. Use common sense!
  4. Not everything can be written down, sometimes we need to make split decisions – use common sense!
  5. Be EXCITED when your kids come off the floor
  6. As your kids are running off of the stage/mat/etc. be excited and enthusiastic; “WOW!!! YOU GUYS DID SOOOOO AMAZING!!! I AM SOOOOO PROUD OF YOU!! LETS GO WATCH OUR VIDEO REPLAY SO YOU CAN SEE HOW AMAZING YOU WERE!!!”
  7. Sometimes there are mistakes, it’s cheerleading
  8. Address these mistakes with a positive attitude (ie. “that’s okay guys! Just a few small mistakes! Nothing we can’t fix up for tomorrow/next competition! Your routine looked amazing! I am so proud of you! You did so well today!”)
  9. Even if it is a HORRIBLE run, don’t let parents (or kids) see your disappointment – all parents want is for their children to have fun and feel good about what they have done
  10. Take lots of PHOTOS!
  11. Take photos of the team the entire time you have them away from their parents
  12. Parents want to see how much fun their kid was having back-stage when they weren’t there with them!
  13. Take photos in warm-up, backstage, selfies with the kids, team photo in the warm-up room, etc.
  14. Share with parents in the Facebook page so that they can see how much fun their kids are having at competition!
  15. Lastly, BE A GOOD HUMAN BEING!
  16. Be kind
  17. Be caring
  18. Be compassionate
  19. Be supportive
  20. Be positive
  21. Be motivating
  22. Be AWESOME