Objective: The goal of Clinics for members is that all members who are close to new skills would get the boost they need to move to the next class. The goal of Open Gym for non-members is that they would want to return to Quantum again, and they might also want to become members in a program. It  is a great way for children and their parents to see our facility, get a feel for the type of programming that we offer and experience our small-town, family, friendly, gym culture!

Clinics are 50 minutes each on 1 Sunday per month and are open to any kids (members and the public) ages 5 and older.

Staff are required to have everything ready when participants begin to arrive (both in the gym and at the front desk).

Task List:

  1. arrive early to set up all stations for the particular clinics you will be teaching
  2. Have clinic sign up sheet on front desk counter to check kids off as they come in.
  3. Clinics are $12.00 per child
  4. All participants require a waiver. Search for the participant name in Waiver folder of Office Gmail Account or in drawer with paper release forms. If they do not have a waiver on file, an adult (over the age of 18) will be required to complete one for them before they can participate.
  5. if a family wants to pay with credit card, debit card or use their card on file you will follow the same payment steps as any other transaction: Make Sale/Post Fees > Type: Events > Category 1:Clinics > Enter amount in Orig Amount > Note list date & type of clinic
  6. you can bill multiple siblings on the same transaction, they do not need their own line item just do the math in your head (ie. 3 siblings attending = $36.00)
  7. if the family does not have an account in JackRabbit, you will follow the same steps as above but using the Losack family in jackrabbit
  8. put on child-friendly music in the background (use Pandora: kids bop or disney)