Objective: Birthday Parties are a great way for people who may not choose to participate in our program to come try it out and fall in LOVE! We need to ensure that Birthday Parties are FUN and the ULTIMATE ROCK SHOW! If you ROCK-OUT your Position Agreement, the Birthday Party will be an ULTIMATE SUCCESS!

See General Information for set-up/clean-up/parental duties/etc. – General Information NEEDS to be read and understood before reading a specific Birthday Party guide and running a birthday party

Cheer Instruction Time:

  1. start with a game for warm-up (ie. tag, ships and sailors, etc.)
  2. do a quick stretch (do not spend too much time with warm-up and stretch)
  3. start with stunting and see how it goes (start with thigh stands move on to double bases)
  4. if stunting is going well and kids are engaged, try torches with spot OR make a pyramid utilizing your double bases and thigh stands (parents love pyramid pictures)
  5. start with a tumbling complex (front rolls through round-offs)
  6. set up a circuit with stations that are multi-purposed (not all kids will be at the same skill level)
  7. work on the circuit until kids seem to be getting anxious and ready to move on
  8. give them a FEW (not MANY) minutes of free time at the end before their hour is up, however parents are paying for ONE HOUR of INSTRUCTION, so you must be actively coaching/spotting/encouraging during this free time
  9. Get all of the kids to huddle at either the end of instruction time or the end of free time