Objective: Bring a Friend Week is a great opportunity to increase membership by introducing cheerleading to new kids and families! Potential athletes will not only leave the gym with new skills, but they will be leaving with an impression of our program as well. Bring a Friend Day opens the door for kids to make new relationships with current members of our gym as well as us, the coaching staff. We want them to leave at the end of the day wanting to come back and be a part of our program! In doing this, it is our responsibility to put on the ULTIMATE ROCK SHOW! If you ROCK-OUT your Position Agreement, Bring a Friend Day will be an ULTIMATE SUCCESS!

Staff are required to arrive 15 minutes early to greet parents and athletes, answering any questions they may have, and stay until the last athlete in your class has been picked up!


Arrival To-Do List:

  1. Greet Athletes/Parents respectfully and professionally upon arrival. You should be one of the first things they see, we want to set a GOOD first impression.
  2. Ensure all athletes (as well as yourself), new and returning, have a name tag before entering the gym.

Instruction Time:

  1. Follow normal class lesson plans
  2. In more advanced classes-edit lessons as needed to make easier for their friends

Character Words:

Start by saying, “At our facility, we always end class with a Power Chat so you are all going to get to be a part of that! Students, what is the word of the month?” continue. By phrasing it this way you show new parents that are watching that this is something we do EVERY day in our program. By letting the kids answer the word of the month with enthusiasm, it shows parents that students enjoy the program!


  1. Talk to the kids about what fun and exciting things we have going on in the gym.
  2. Hand out the Bring a Friend Day flyers (usually a discounted trial coupon)
  3. Make sure you say thank you for coming 100 times to the friends who came along!
  4. Let them know that they can ask you questions after about programming and you can even help them sign up right now!
  5. Make sure you break and say something silly to keep it fun and light!

Key Points:

  1. BE ENTHUSIASTIC, if you put on a show and can convey that you WANT to be there, kids will WANT to come back! If you ENJOY what you are doing, the kids will ENJOY it too!
  2. The easiest way for kids to understand what you are asking of them, is by SHOWING them what you want them to do. Be Hands-On whenever possible and remember to lead by example!
  3. A positive attitude and a friendly tone of voice is REQUIRED throughout the class
  4. The instructors main purpose is to guide the students SAFELY through the exercises and be a MOTIVATOR
  5. By definition a motivator is: something that provides a reason or stimulus to do something AND a person who promotes interest in or enthusiasm for something BE THAT PERSON!