Birthday Parties are 1.5-1.75 hours. 1 hour for playtime and 30-45 minutes for parents to use for food/gifts. Basic is 30 minutes in the party room, Extended & Ultimate are 45 minutes in the party room.


  1. early set-up – 10 minutes
  2. playtime – 1 hour
  3. cake, gifts, snacks, etc. in party area – 30-45 minutes
  4. post-party staff clean-up – 15 minutes


See booked parties under Events on Jackrabbit or by using Desk Calendar.


  1. Arrive 20 minutes early to follow gym opening procedures, set up the party room, and put away equipment in the gym.
  2. Ensure the party room has a trash bag and no last-minute cleaning needs to be done.
  3. Put on child-friendly music in the background (Use Pandora on iPad and turn on Kids Bop or Disney)
  4. Have party form out and ready (top drawer of the filing cabinet) and release waivers ready to be completed (on iPad or paper forms)


Smile and greet them when they arrive and direct them to the party room to place their things. Offer to help carry things if it looks like they need it

“Hello, how are you guys doing? Our party room is just around the corner and to the right, is there anything I can help you carry?”

Make sure you are making the birthday child feel special and welcomed from the moment they walk in the door (ie. “You must be the BIRTHDAY GIRL/BOY?!” “Happy Birthday! I’m so excited about your party today! It’s going to be so much fun!”, etc.)
Once they have items unloaded, ask them to quickly read through the party rules and initial and sign. Remind them they will get 1 hour of playtime first and then will have 30(or 45) minutes in the party room for cake and presents.

“Could you please take a moment to read over our general party rules? Just initial aside each one and then sign and date the bottom for me
The kids will have 1 hour up playtime (unless they paid for extra time) and then when that is concluded they will go into the party room for the remainder of their time.”

If they are missing any supplies (napkins, plates, forks, cake knife), you can check the drawers in the party room and let them use anything as needed.


  1. Welcome them to the gym and ask their parents if they have been to a party here and completed a waiver before.
    • If they have, you can let them know they are welcome to hang out in the party room until it is time for the party to begin.
      If they have not, ask their parents to complete one of the release waivers to have on file, and you can go ahead and dismiss the child to the party room
    • After they have a completed waiver, you can let them know where they are going to wait until the party begins. If the playtime has already started, you can let them know where to place their shoes and let them go on the floor.


  1. At EXACTLY the time the party is scheduled to start (regardless if everyone is there yet or not) the birthday party lead coach will get everyone’s attention in the party room and review rules before you allow the kids to go out on the floor
  2. Be walking around and interacting with parents and children
  3. Ensure that the proper rules are being followed on the equipment
    1. Foam Pit
      1. NO DIGGING
      2. No burying yourself- keep your head up at all times
      3. If blocks are taken out to build, no one may jump into the pit until the blocks are put back in
    2. Trampolines
      1. 1 person on a trampoline at a time
      2. Do not jump off of anything and flip or land on the trampoline
      3. No jumping from tramp to tramp
    3. Tumbl Trak
      1. Everyone go in the same direction to make sure they dont hit each other
    4. Inflatables
      1. No fliping down the slides
      2. Feet first on the slides- NO HEAD FIRST
      3. No climbing the slides- in the entrance and down the slides
  4. Warn the kids when they have only 5 minutes remaining of their party time
  5. After the children have gone to the party room, turn off the inflatable and do any gym cleanup necessary.


  1. Have their party form totaled and ready for them with their final balance
  2. Be sure to count their total number of kids- birthday kid and under 3 don’t count
  3. Checks and cash can be placed in the register as normal
  4. If paying with a card: you will have to fill out a credit card slip for them- located in the top white drawer under the register and leave it in the red zipper bag to the right of the register.
  5. Be sure to thank them for having their party here and wish the child HAPPY BIRTHDAY again


  1. Sweep party room- make sure to get ALL cake crumbs from under tables and off chairs
  2. Wipe down the tables
  3. Take out trash to green dumpster right outside the door and replace with a new bag
  4. Vacuum the first mats as needed
  5. If the last party of the day: turn off heat/air, make sure all lights are off
  6. If the last party of the weekend: take down tables and chairs

FAQ – Can we go back in the gym?!

  • We get asked this from time to time. If the kids are done upstairs can they go back in the gym? The answer is, “No.”. However, because we are always striving to provide exceptional customer service, it is important that we do our best to accommodate our customers’ wishes.
  • If there is another party, class, team practice, etc. immediately after the party then unfortunately we cannot allow anyone back in the gym. We can tell the family, “Unfortunately, we have another group coming in shortly so we are unable to open up the gym again.”
  • If this isn’t enough to satisfy the needs of the customer, we can allow the kids back in the gym for a few minutes but they must be instructed that they CAN NOT go on any of the equipment.